After struggling to find someone to help us short sale our condo, I found James Strum via Zillow. I sent him an email and he responded to me within twenty four hours. The day after that he called me and we started the selling process.

I had never sold a house before, and to top it off was short selling after losing my job. James was incredibly patient with all of my questions. I never felt rushed, and I always felt like James cared about teaching me as we went along. He was very clear on the paperwork I needed to gather and the communication I needed to submit to out bank. He explained how he wanted me to show the house, and helped me move furniture to make it look even nicer.

He put our condo on the market while we were on vacation, and he got a contract within seventy two hours!!!! I was so excited I didn’t even want to believe it at first. We had discussed that short sales were a long process, but getting a contract do quickly was a huge first step. Following the act of getting the contract, I did everything James told me as quickly and accurately as possible, as he was very knowledgeable on what we needed to do. As it turned out, our efforts payed off and the closing was moved up. All in all it took about forty five days to sell and close on our house.

I could not be more impressed with how if all worked out and truly believe it was all because of James. He was AMAZING to work with. Confident, efficient, attentive, timely, responsible, dedicated, and personable. I can’t wait until we are able to buy one day because he will be the person I trust to help me.

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