I could write a novel about all the wonderful things James did for us, but I will try and keep this review short. Three years ago we started looking for a home on and off and happen to come across a few realtors on the side of Zillow. We called three of them to no response and when we called the fourth, (James), he answered his phone right away. We are so fortunate that the first three realtors didn’t answer, because James is THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS!!! Patient, knowledgeable, responsive and most of all TRUTHFUL are all words I would use to describe James. We saw a few houses that we might have put offers in on and James could have made a quick sale, but he would point out reasons why he wouldn’t touch it like cracking driveways, too close to highways, overpriced etc. He is always looking out for his clients. His negotiation skills are second to none! Even though we closed on our house six weeks ago, James is still available to us to answer any question we have and he knows a boatload of top contractors, plumbers and electricians that have done amazing jobs as well and have helped us make our house our home. You will never find another realtor who makes you feel as if you are his only client, EVER! His team is really wonderful as well! In closing, if you are on the fence about hiring a realtor, please do yourself a favor and hire James, I promise you will NOT be disappointed!!!

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