Habitat For Humanity Build Event

Habitat For Humanity Build Event 2022


The Strum Group had the honor of participating in a RVA Habitat For Humanity build event on Wednesday September 21st! The Strum Group is always looking for ways to give back to the community that we serve. Working with Habitat For Humanity is the perfect fit for our team because their goal is to build affordable homes for low income families to make the dream of homeownership a reality while also building generational wealth. These goals are perfectly in line with our team’s goals of service, selflessness and teamwork. Being able to get hands on with this mission was an awesome experience and something our team plans to continue. We began the day by organizing the equipment trailer for the build supervisor and future groups of volunteers. 

Organizing the equipment trailer

Once the equipment trailer was ship shape, the team then moved pallets of siding out of the driveway so that there was space to work and use the power tools. Thu was by far the most strenuous part of the day, but working together we were able to get the job done! This feeling of collaboration and teamwork really motivated us to keep pushing. 


After all the siding was moved our group headed inside to start measuring and cutting wood for framing in the kitchen. The guys had too much fun calling out measurements and using the saw to complete that task! While the guys worked on the framing the girls worked on resetting a wall in the living room to accommodate an outlet.



The team took a quick lunch break to reset from all the heavy lifting and cool down from the midday heat. Our media team met us at the site around noon to get some footage of our volunteer efforts to help bolster the Richmond Habitat For Humanity cause. 

Lots of power tools & sweat were involved, but we had THE BEST experience spending time with the team & helping our community! Thank you Richmond Habitat For Humanity for having us & we cannot wait to set up another team building event with you guys!


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