Popular Home Aesthetics

Popular Home Aesthetics

Some styles can be combined and are very similar, which make the process of deciding which is best for your space difficult. You can combine aspects of one style with another to create your own personal aesthetic. For sellers looking to tailer their home style to the largest possible audience, this guide is perfect for you. Here is a list of the most popular home aesthetics to help you decide which elements to incorporate to achieve your desired look!


If you are a free spirit who isn’t afraid of bold colors and textures, the Bohemian style may be for you! Some popular features include thrifted furniture or décor items like rattan wall hangings, or rustic wood coffee tables. Robust houseplants are a common feature for this style as they emphasize the natural light of the space. 

Popular Aesthetics - Boho


Coastal is a great aesthetic for those who love the water, beachy vibes and want their space to feel relaxed like they’re on vacation. Light airy window treatments and throw blankets pair well with nautical themed décor items. People who gravitate toward color schemes that include blues and yellows, and enjoy the look of frosted sea glass, tend to find this style ideal.  

Popular Aesthetics - Coastal


The modern design takes elements from minimalism with an emphasis on simplicity.  HGTV describes this style as featuring “neutral color palette, polished surfaces, strong geometric shapes and asymmetry”. In other words, you tend to gravitate toward monochromatic color schemes where every items has a place and a purpose. There is little to no frivolous décor items or furnishings. 

Popular Aesthetics - Modern


If you see yourself as a clean sleek person, contemporary might be the best aesthetic for you! Not to be confused with modern, contemporary focuses more on comfortable low profile furnishings, accents of metal décor with a few bold pops of color. Combining elements of contemporary, modern and Scandinavian designs is one of the easiest ways to achieve a minimalist look. 

Popular Aesthetics - Contemporary


Industrial is ideal for someone who likes the rough texture of brink paired with the cooler feel of metal. Repurposed spaces like warehouses with brick walls, metal infrastructure with open concept living spaces tend to follow this trend. If you are looking for a homey feel, you can always add some elements of leather or faux fur. 

Popular Aesthetics - Industrial

Mid Century Modern

HGTV describes Mid Century Modern as the infusion of “simplicity, functionality and [the] natural shapes [found] in popular culture”. Mid Century Modern is reminiscent of late 50s or early 60s design. Oftentimes you will find Scandinavian furnishings with the signature post legs or darker stained wood. This aesthetic brings in a cozy yet polished feel to any space. 

Popular Aesthetics - Mid Century Modern


The Joanna Gains home décor section of Target is a great example of common Country home stylings. Country is a classic style that incorporates floral access with vintage farmhouse color schemes like green, black, white and blue. Farmhouse sinks, shiplap accent walls and striped or checkered textiles for furniture are very popular right now.

Popular Aesthetics - Country

There is no wrong way to pull off your favorite aesthetic or style, it’s all about personalization. It’s all about what makes you happy in your space. Attempting one of these popular designs is a great way to update your home in preparation for the market. Call one of our expert agents today to see how we can help sell your home quickly! Or if you are in the market to buy a new home, check out some of our featured listings in your preferred area to see if they match your desired aesthetic. 

Written by Brittany Young

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