I would strongly recommend James Strum to anyone looking to buy or sell a property. He is knowledgeable of the market, area, process, and is willing to do the homework necessary to ensure a perfect fit!

I had the privilege of working with James on both sides of the table and was impressed with his ability to answer questions and provide honest feedback about what was realistic and would be best for me. When looking to buy my new home, James was willing to screen my home searches to ensure I was looking at homes that would meet my needs and interests. His advice and feedback were helpful when I was unfamiliar with certain locations or homes. I always felt as though James was looking out for my best interest. James was willing to give me his professional opinion and the options that were available so I good make informed decisions for my family. Throughout the process he painted a clear picture of what to expect. The day I closed on both the house I sold and bought there were no surprises!

I feel that James assisted me in making the best choice for my family both now and for the future. I am very please and feel confident in my home choice. This level of comfort and excitement can be attributed to our outstanding agent, James Strum!

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