James saves us from the a terrible realtor experience where we just wanted to not even search for houses any more. I inquired about one of his properties online one day and he immediately within an hour or two emailed me back about my request. Soon after that we began cooresponding and that’s when our search when James began. He hooked us up with the MLS website where we would get the daily listings that matched our criteria and ONLY our criteria which we wanted in a house and whenever my husband and I were available and there were a few properties we wanted to look at he would fit us in his already busy schedule to show us houses all the way from Powhatan to the country of Chesterfield. He really works hard, and you can tell. When going in houses with him it was such an easy and no-pressure situation. He would never push you in one way or another, he was great about giving suggestions on what could be better. He was not your normal agent, he just sat back, was relaxed and never tried to sway your decision. I happened to fall in love with a HUD house, which is usually a difficult process to go through. In the iniital bid we did not get the house, but James kept checking back and never game up on it. It just so happened that something fell through with the initial bid and ours was actually the accepted bid. He made, what could have been a crucial process, very timeless and easy. We closed in exactly 45 days on the dot and I am very thankful to have had James come into our lives and help us make our first home purchase!!!

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